Snarkcastic: Nothing is exactly what it seems.

As each day goes by, more and more outrageous claims are made: Narratives abound.

Where there are narratives, there are echo chambers — surrounded by impenetrable walls where absolutely no evidence can pass if it does not agree with the narratives. The echo chamber does propagate its narratives outward, however — often, noisily.

Imagination flies in the echo chamber with the power of magical thinking: No reality can crash the internal perfect world of the group. Meanwhile, everyone who does not agree with the group is evil.

These days, a virtue signalling echo chamber can employ any means at its disposal to destroy evil: This includes lies, propaganda, yelling ‘racist’, doxxing, threats, violence, destruction of property, public confrontation, up to and including murder. It’s all righteous because those righteous ends justify the means.

Sometimes, though, someone may come along with a healthy dose of skepticism and administer snarky sarcasm. It often not only disarms the narratives, but often completely destroys them.

Are you up to the challenge?

Let’s explore.