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Nancy Pelosi’s Electronic Wall

Nancy Pelosi Claws Out
Nancy Pelosi Claws Out

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to fund a physical wall on the border between the United States and Mexico. Instead, she proposes an ‘electronic wall’ (with technology which does necessarily exist, but whatever).

Yes, electronic walls, since they worked so well at

  • Yahoo in 2013-2014 with 3 billion accounts breached,
  • Marriot with a breach involving 500 million customers in 2014-2018,
  • eBay in May 2014 with 145 million compromised, Equifax — that bastion of financial gossip — with 143 million customers having their Social Security Numbers, birth dates, addresses and even driver’s licenses with their credit card information exposed (and probably your mother’s maiden name),
  • Target in December 2013 with 110 million people compromised,
  • Uber in late 2016 with 57 million users and 600,000 drivers exposed,
  • J.P. Morgan with 76 million customers and 7 million small businesses exposed,
  • the US Office of Personnel Management with 22 million current and former employees hacked,
  • Sony’s Playstation with 77 million accounts affected with 12 million unencrypted credit card numbers accessed along with passwords and userids,
  • RSA Security with possibly 40 million employee records stolen in March 2011,
  • Verisign with unknown amount and type of information stolen,
  • Home Depot with the theft of credit card information for 56 million customers,
  • Adobe (the gift that keeps on giving) found in October 2013 38 million user records compromised and
  • Disqus which was also hacked for online entities engaging in discussion (note, Bitchute, you are probably compromised too, because you use Disqus for comments).

Just last year, the Quora Forum was attacked and over 100 million accounts had their confidential data hacked — just two months after Facebook disclosed 50 million of its users had their personal data compromised in a hacking attack on the social network’s security systems.

This is not to mention the ransomware attack on the city of Atlanta, locking up the entire city’s data — which just didn’t seem to make into the mainstream news at all.

Yes, Nancy Pelosi, let’s put up that electronic wall — especially one that’s not yet defined, for hundreds of millions of dollars — at the border because, you know, it’s fool proof and can’t be breached, you freaking moron!

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