Campaign is the nastiest vicious political parody disguised as a thinly disguised innocent looking Cat Video.

It’s a cat running for President of the United States. Technically, it does not violate the Constitution if you consider the cat is at least 7 years old — 35 in people years.

There are inside jokes in this one: It is a parody of the current political climate, a parody of Doctor Who, particularly the last episode of Season 6, The Wedding of River Song, from which the main music was derived. There is an appearance of someone who looks and sounds suspiciously Alex Kingston saying that “Mikey is Brilliant, he’s always one step ahead of all of us” which mirrors the episode.

Campaign also has the featured images of the now defunct WordPress blog entries. Each image represents an entire blog entry for a few seconds in the video. Each season goes twice as fast as the previous season.

The subplot is that the Chinese are trying to poison Mikey with pet food imported from Canada, but he smells it and the plot is foiled. There are many other inside jokes and subplots contained. Some other features are covered in the blogs of Blackops Catspy and Siamese Mikey, the previous regeneration of Russian Blue Mikey founded his own religious cult — The Supreme Cult.

Again, there’s that surprise ending….

It’s the video that brought down a YouTube Channel! What are they trying to hide!

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  • The Wedding of River Song (Doctor Who)

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