Snarkcastic makes every effort to abide by all copywrites, trademarks and patents. Each video on YouTube and Bitchute as well as on this website have been licensed / given use of rights to use from the following sources:

Each has its own license / use of rights specified on the site. All videos have a corresponding post entry to identify the specific media in use in the specific video including music, graphics and embedded videos. This is done because there are vendors, particularly on YouTube who claim rights to embedded media when they do not, in fact, have any rights. Such vendors may make claims at any time. It is up to the video creator to work with the vendor to get the strike cleared. Snarkcastic has already gotten such a strike. YouTube does not directly intervene. The vendors do this to claim monetization even when they don’t have any objective rights to it. When it comes to music, YouTube seems to have just removed the music from the video claimed by the vendor, but the vendor still has to release the claim. So far Bitchute and other media platforms do not seem to have done this.

Nevertheless, no claims can objectively be made against Snarkcastic because the media is licensed and documented. Sources are provided to prevent any invalid claims.